Linda Yang

Linda Yang

Senior Product Designer

“Doing and making are acts of hope.” — Corita Kent

Linda is a designer based in the Mission of San Francisco, California.

Linda studied public policy at Princeton with the dream of working in government one day, but decided to do her hobby of making websites instead. Inspired by the technology built by the 2008 Obama campaign, she figured the Internet would be a faster conduit of social change than our political system. Unfortunately, she was right.

Now that she's made her way from Texas and New Jersey/New York to the best coast, Linda ventures outside every now and then to find new foods and places. As a designer, she works on mastering and modeling languages, visual and verbal, creative and coded, mental and machine. She enjoys discovering patterns, defining systems, and painting the future.

Over the course of her career, Linda has helped launch products and presidential campaigns and grow billion-dollar businesses and teams, including Tom Steyer 2020, Intercom, AppDirect, and Blue State. She joined Alloy to do the most important work of her life. She believes that monumental change begins in the incremental details.

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