Alloy is a non-profit start-up building data and technology for the progressive movement.

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What we stand for

We have seen the gaps that exist in political data, where existing infrastructure falls short, and how financial barriers stand in between causes and the information they need to succeed.

That’s why we’re working to:

  • improve the quality of the data,
  • lower the barriers to access,
  • and increase the usability and security of data across the ecosystem.

We believe building broadly accessible and affordable data infrastructure isn’t just the right thing to do for our progressive community—it’s how we secure the future of our democracy.


We live in a world where data is a cornerstone of success.

Conservative advocacy groups and Republican campaigns understand this well. They’ve invested in superior data capabilities that enable them to routinely outperform progressive campaigns and causes. Today, many progressive groups don’t have access to high-quality data, and often can’t afford the tools and resources they need to succeed. This makes it difficult for them to meaningfully engage their supporters and strengthen relationships with their constituents, both on and off line. To make matters worse, the boom-and-bust cycles of political investment exacerbate the creation of band-aid solutions for these systemic challenges. The time has come for a new approach.


Building a more effective and representative progressive movement requires a fundamental change in how we think about and use data.

As progressives, we believe we are stronger when we act together. Ensuring that our candidates, causes and movements have access to the information they need to succeed is paramount to our common interest. We also believe in a sustainable model that provides open access and equal benefit. It is in this spirit that we have come to view Alloy as a Progressive Utility: a well-resourced non-profit focused on long-term sustainability and delivering value to the progressive ecosystem.



Alloy is a creative and curious team of data scientists, designers, developers, organizers, and campaign alumni. We bring together decades of diverse political, government, and technology backgrounds and expertise.

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