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Hi, we’re Alloy.

Alloy is a nonprofit technology company building broadly accessible, radically affordable, high-quality data and technology for the progressive community. At a time when the future of our democracy is at stake, we’re breaking down the barriers between the people fighting on the frontlines of change and the information they need to win. And we don’t have time to waste.

Our products

A complete set of data solutions to help you build a bigger electorate and win every campaign.

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Datasets of eligible voters

Access datasets of eligible voters you need in the upcoming election.

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Voter registration API

Confirm the most up-to-date and detailed voter registration status of every voter.

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Election protection report

Gain insight into election protection outcomes to ensure voters get on — and stay on — the rolls.

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Our community

At Alloy, your needs are paramount. We seek to build our products collaboratively with the communities they are designed to serve. That’s why we are gathering a coalition of progressive organizations to co-design the future of voter data. Alloy Commons will be a collaborative forum that will help us conduct research, discuss shared values, share best practices, and collaborate on projects. We hope to build this into a resource for our entire community — for data practitioners, by data practitioners. We would love to hear your ideas about what would be most useful to you. Interested in learning more about Alloy Commons?

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More about Alloy

Our mission is to provide the best data and technology available to progressive causes and campaigns to help them win. At Alloy, we believe we are stronger when we act together. Ensuring that our candidates, causes, and movements have access to the information they need to succeed is paramount to our common interest. We believe building broadly accessible and affordable data infrastructure isn’t just the right thing to do for our progressive community — it’s how we secure the future of our democracy.

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Let’s talk!

If you are at a progressive campaign or organization interested in getting better data, help hosting the data you have, or in partnering with us in some other way, we'd love to hear from you!

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