Erin Fahy

Erin Fahy

Director of Engineering

“The man that knows something knows that he knows nothing at all.” — Erykah Badu

Erin is a Staff Infrastructure Engineer based in Alloy’s San Francisco office. Originally from the Chicago ‘burbs, her initial career pursuits were in sound engineering, film, and graphic design before deciding she wanted to be part of something more consequential. Enlisting in the US Air Force just prior to 9/11, Erin served for six years and ultimately achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant.

After serving, Erin returned to school to focus on cultural history, philosophy, and library science. Erin originated several systems roles at notable institutions of higher education, including digital asset management work at Mount Holyoke College and DevOps Engineering at Stanford University. Just prior to joining Alloy, she was a manager and team lead with Protocol Labs. She’s amused to have a career in which she has contributed to a (yet-to-be-released) American Masters documentary on Helen Keller, assisted the Vatican in system architecture design and implementation for publishing their vast digital library holdings, and becoming a source for a writer on HBO’s Silicon Valley. She also makes a quarterly Spotify playlist to help you stay on top of the best newly released music.

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