Alloy Verify

The easiest way to check the status of every voter

Alloy Verify is an API that helps voter registration groups, progressive campaigns, and political techies know who’s registered to vote.

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Made for developers and organizers

Get equipped with the latest voter registration status via our low-cost and simple to use API.

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Frequent updates

Alloy Verify delivers the most up-to-date, detailed voter status.

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Radically affordable

Alloy Verify is free to try and offers budget friendly subscriptions.

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Easy to implement

Start using Alloy Verify in minutes with only a few lines of code.

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Powerful enough for the data geeks, simple enough for the field team

Spend less time buying and managing data and more time engaging voters.

With minimal code, you can seamlessly integrate the Verify API into your voter database, website, field tool, or mobile app.

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How the Alloy Verify API works:

1) Request access

Sign up for Alloy Verify and we’ll send you your API credentials.

2) Integrate

Integrate the Verify API into your app or existing dataset of voters.

3) Take action

Verify returns a detailed voter registration status for each person to help you determine what to do next.

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