Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith

Head of Data Acquisition

“I’m optimistic, just not optimistic it will work.”

Jenny is the Head of Data Acquisition, based in Alloy’s Washington, DC office.

Her professional passion is getting stuff done — particularly stuff that improves the quality of our democracy and rebalances unfair power structures.

Prior to joining Alloy, Jenny managed operations for the New Data Project, led People Operations for the U.S. Digital Service, led the External Affairs Department for the Georgetown University Library, and was a Neighborhood Team Leader on the 2012 Obama campaign. In a previous life, she dabbled in commercial agriculture and whitewater rafting. Jenny is a certified cat-herder, despite being more of a dog person.

Jenny holds a degree in international security from Georgetown University, which has come in handy exactly once in her professional career. It is, however, very useful for boring her coworkers with stories about post-conflict political systems and daydreaming about better governance.

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