Emma Sagan

Emma Sagan

Director of Product Management

“When nine people agree on something, it’s the tenth person’s responsibility to disagree no matter how improbable.” — World War Z

Emma is a Product Manager based in Alloy’s D.C. office.

Emma believes the key to solving meaty problems is by approaching them from as many disciplines and lenses as possible. That’s probably why she created her own engineering major (a combination of mechanical and energy engineering and psychology) at Stanford and loves finding teammates with whom she can debate and collaborate. In a past life she prototyped shape-changing and inflatable robots for DARPA, built a net-zero solar house and now focuses her tinkering tendencies on home improvement projects (which she sometimes successfully completes). Emma has primarily worked on FinTech at Capital One and Capital One Labs where she focused on new product development across software and hardware in addition to leading the repositioning and expansion of Savor, Capital One’s newest credit card suite. She’s also currently serving on the board of trustees for Buckingham, Browne and Nichols, a k-12 school in Cambridge, MA.

When Emma’s not staring at a bunch of sticky notes and/or experimenting with new product opportunities, she’s probably trying (trying being the key word) to train her cat to do tricks, on the hunt to find the best dumpling in DC, hitting the bike trails in MD and VA, or going through her photo app in an attempt to relive her 7-month trip around the world.

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