Edwin Villafane Hernandez

Edwin Villafane Hernandez

Senior Technical Project Manager

“It shouldn't matter what you're into, how you look - you can achieve whatever you aspire to.” — Yalitza Aparicio

Edwin is a Technical Project Manager based in Alloy’s San Francisco office.

Previously, Edwin helped launch Nextdoor all over the world by learning everything there is to know about address data and pretending to understand written Swedish. He’s also tweaked Pandora’s secret sauce to recommend fun and fresh music and been in the same building as Will.i.am while helping out students that the I.Am.Angel Foundation serves.

Growing up in a small Southern California town north of Santa Barbara, Edwin has never really left California and frolicked in the sun at Pomona College where he studied Computer Science and Math. You’ll probably find him talking about how he’s going to pick up reading again, searching for the best Pad Thai in the world, obsessing over the newest reality series on Netflix or trying to pitch you on the next big thing in pop music (don’t get him started on how he knew Dua Lipa was going to be huge in 2016)!

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