Election protection report


Safeguard voters’ rights with data-driven insights.

Alloy Protect is an email report that helps election protection groups defend voter rights through transparent, timely access to voter file insights and data.

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At-a-glance insights

Receive email updates on changes to the voter file in key states.

Data to dive deeper

Access county-level insights and raw, anonymized data on dropped and newly added voters.

Transparent and timely

Save time and resources acquiring and digging through SOS data, and spend more time taking action.

Track voter file changes in key states

Get regular reports and raw, anonymized voter file data for Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania — with more states coming soon!

Are there specific states you’d want to see Protect reports for? Let us know.

How it works:

Subscribe to Alloy Protect.

In the months leading up to and following the election, we’ll send you regular updates that highlight key changes in Alloy’s most recent voter file for several important states.

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Explore raw, anonymized data.

Accompanying each email report is access to the data used to generate the report — and it’s easy to dig into it yourself. See raw, anonymized data on both dropped and newly added voters, as well as by aggregates such as:

  • Voter registration status
  • Party affiliation
  • County
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Age

Aggregates vary by state. Contact us and learn more about what’s included for each state.

Take action on what you find.

  • Identify problem areas where you can focus your energy and resources.

  • Understand which dropped voters are high value targets for re-registration.

  • Use data in litigation, motions, and legal briefs.

  • Quantify the impact of voter rights policy changes.